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What is Public Safety - Consumer Affairs Towing about?

Public Safety - Consumer Affairs Towing is your trusted resource for all matters related to towing regulations, consumer rights, and safety standards in Palm Beach County

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"Towing Company Disclosure and Disclaimer

All companies in Palm Beach County performing towing services are required to secure a license or "Business P​ermit" from the Consumer Affairs Division. The towing companies listed under “Find Licensed Towing Company” have been issued the re​quired county permits and may legally provide towing services in Palm Beach County. Information about each company includes the business address, owner/manager’s name, type/size of fleet, number of years operating and administrative actions taken (i.e., civil citations, cease and desist orders, etc.).

A non-consent tow is defined as the recovery, tow, removal or storage of a vehicle or vessel without the authorization of the owner or authorized driver. There are two types of non-consent tows:

Private Property Impounds - includes vehicles/vessels that may be illegally or inappropriately parked (i.e., against condominium rules etc.) on private property (or public/government property where a contract exists).

Police Directed - includes vehicles/vessels incapacitated as a result of an accident or involved in a crime -- and the owner cannot or will not secure the services of his/her own towing service. The law enforcement agency involved, calls a towing company that is either under contract or on a rotation list.

The owner of an incapacitated vehicle/vessel has the right to contact his/her own towing company or service (i.e., AAA, etc.) if that company can respond and remove the vehicle in a timely manner. In such an event, the maximum county rates do not apply. The owner should communicate his/her intentions very clearly to the police officer(s) conducting the accident investigation.

While Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs does not recommend or rate any towing company, these licensed companies have met the minimum requirements of the Palm Beach County Towing Ordinance. Consumer Affairs has no way to determine the volume of business and customer contacts for these licensed companies.

A three-year consumer dispute history or business information report for licensed towing companies is available by clicking on the “Look Up Business” button to the left. This license information is updated regularly.

Please be advised: The web site is for informational purposes only and is offered as a convenience for consumers. We make every effort to update the information on a timely basis  and to provide accurate information. However, we make no warrantee or guarantee regarding the accuracy or reliability of the content on this site. Palm Beach County is not liable for errors, omissions or for any damages in connection with the use of the information appearing on this website. If you see a possible error:"

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Public Safety - Consumer Affairs Towing

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