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Who We Are

Chico's Towing Inc,

"We Buy Junk Cars, We Provide Towing, and We Offer Much More! Chico's Towing Inc. is proud to offer expert, fast, and friendly towing and roadside services to the West Palm Beach area. We offer flatbed towing, light to heavy towing, single and multi car towing for residential, private tow away, or authorized police tows. We are ready to handle all your towing needs. We Buy Junk Cars in West Palm Beach. Look no further as we can quote you on the phone, in person however you like. Simple give us a call and we will hand you cash for your junk car in West Palm. Junk Cars are no longer useful to you, so give us a call or type in “junk cars near me” for a quote today"

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Who Are We

What Makes West Palm Beach Special?

West Palm Beach is known for being the hub of the entertainment. But it’s so much more.  West Palm is also known for its sandy beaches and beautiful parks. It’s equally close to the water, so no matter what type of outdoor activities you enjoy, there’s something for you. Chico's Towing Inc buys junk cars and is proud to serve such an iconic city in the sunshine state of Florida.

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